Broadcasting area of LIFE TV Network:

    LIFE TV it is first full time Christian channel in Russian language. Broadcasting was started on 7 June of 1995. Christian channel LIFE TV has vision to touch Russian speaking people around the world. A part of this vision are people who live in Baltic states and in the World. We have programs in Estonian and English language in the air also. First broadcasting language was Russian, later we started dubbing into Estonian language and now channel have special time for Russian speaking and Estonian speaking people.

    1. Satellite broadcasting of LIFE TV.  February 2016

    From 25 of January 2007 LIFE TV available to watch from satellite. In present time it is HOT BIRD 13B - 13.0E. Frequency: 11 727 Mhz.  Polarity: Vertical. Symbol rate: 27500 Msyb. Fec: 3/4. Channel is free. Coverage is Europe, Baltic countries, Russian speaking countries, Caucasian countries, Asia, Israel and North Africa. Most of all people are watching from Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and everywhere where Russian speaking people are living. More info is HERE

    2. LIFE TV local Broadcasting in Estonia

    We glad inform you that LIFE TV covering through cable networks almost whole Estonia. In different cable networks full 24/7 time broadcasting.

    3. LIFE TV ONLINE Internet broadcasting around the world

    From year 2004 we started ONLINE Internet broadcasting. Today it is very strong and successful part of our ministry. We have amazing results. Regularly we are receiving letters and testimonies from people from all over the world. People blessed and happy. LIFE TV online became for many of the them like Internet TV church. So many Russian speaking people live and work in countries where no church or no contact with other Christians. Now they just press some buttons and Word of God will come straight to their living place. Using Internet technology we can touch every man in any part of the world. People need to have PC with Internet, phone or tablet. LIFE TV already in every house on this planet where is phone lines and internet. Praise God for this miracle!

    You can watch LIFE TV ONLINE from next addresses:



    550 kbs

    Windows Media Player. Good quality. LINK

    4. LIFE TV International INTERACTIVE TV

    From April of 2005 we started new project - Interactive TV. It gives to people ability not just watch on TV or Internet Online but Download programs in their computer and watch together with a family, friends and in the church. Today we have Interactive TV with big name list of best Christian programs from all over the world. Main languages are Russian and Estonian. Size of downloading and watching was so big that we did ability to download only for people who will register his name and receive from us activation. Now people first of all need go through registration process and after that receive access. Many people are very blessed through Interactive TV. Regularly we receive thankful letters and testimonies.

    In present time we have already 4 departments in INTERACTIVE TV.




    OPEN. For all people. It is like demonstration part.


    REGISTRATION. For people who was registered.


    MUSIC. For people who was registered.


    PARTNERS. For people who regularly support LIFE TV.

    Statistic of Internet website and our Internet projects

    Last years and monthly internet statistics show us that people regularly coming on our website from 146 countries of the world. Daily visits growing every month. LIFE TV website is on top rate position between Russian Christian websites of the world and on very good position between secular Media and TV websites. Website main pages are next: and

    5. You can watch LIFE TV through IPTV companies

    From August 2010 LIFE TV became in name list of many IPTV companies. Now people in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Australia and in other countries can watch LIFE TV on their TV sets with special Digital Box. If you have high speed internet connection and in you area you could not receive our signal from satellite you can be connected to IPTV companies. One from them can be found here: LINK

    If you need more information about LIFE TV or you wish to start  broadcasting your programs on LIFE TV channel please contact us. We can translate your programs into Russian and Estonian language and show them in good airtime. Quality of translation and dubbing is very high. People will have possibility watch your programs and be blessed. We believe together with you that same word that you are preaching for your nation can serve to another nations of the world.

    Our desire to cover more countries through more satellites and cable networks. Please support us in prayer and with your love gifts. You financial support will help LIFE TV continue go forward and reach more and more people around the world. If you have any question please contact us:

    Facebook | | Youtube - LIFE TV Estonia | LIFE TV Eesti


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    Post address: LIFE TV, P.O.Box 2452, Tallinn, 13602, Estonia.



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